cine film

8 and 16mm Film Transfers to Digital Files, USB and DVD

Cine film transfer, is what started the company off in 1985. Over the years, the process has changed a lot, from using a simple projector to today’s expensive Frame scanning units. Which give an excellent transfer, amazing what you can get from an 8mm frame to display on today’s modern Tv’s and projectors.

Video Tape Transfer

Video Transfer to Digital Files, DVD and USB

Video Transfers came about really when DVD arrived in June 1997, although we were transferring peoples camcorder tapes to VHS in 1988. Now in the present day, we are still transferring video and camcorder tapes, to DVD but of late more and more people are opting for computer files.

Old Phones

Old Phones, Tablets, Laptops, videos and photos.

We have all upgraded to keep up with technology. There is a good chance that your old Tech has photos or videos on them, that you can’t access anymore. Have a look at what we can possibly do for you, Click anywhere to see if I can help.

Memory Cards Old and New, transferred to USB

Transferring all your old types of memory cards that contain photos and videos to a USB stick will allow you to playback those memories on your SmartTV. If you don’t have a SmartTV at least you have everything in one place. If you have that many we can always put them on a portable Hard Drive or SSD.